Karen C. Phillips

By Maria Josevillota |

Karen C. Phillips has an extensive background in the non-profit community through her career and voluntary contributions. She has worked at universities in Virginia and New York and managed the Instructor of Trainers Program at the national headquarters of the Girl Scouts.

Karen serves on the board of the Phillips Charitable Organization (“PCO”) and is also one of its founding members. PCO is a non-profit organization that provides timely financial aid for single parents, disadvantaged engineering students and wounded veterans.

She also serves on the boards of the American Ballet Theater (“ABT”), FIT Couture Council, Loyola School (New York City), and is involved in Habitat for Humanity both domestically and internationally.

Previously, Karen has served on the boards of the following organizations: The Browning School (New York City), Schools of the Sacred Heart (San Francisco), Counseling in Schools (New York City), Grace Cathedral (San Francisco), and SFJazz (San Francisco).

Karen received her BA in Sociology from Grinnell College, Iowa, and her MS in Counseling and Development from Long Island University, New York.