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Black Economic Alliance Foundation Unveils “Architecture For Action” to Drive Black Economic Prosperity

By Black Economic Alliance Foundation |
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New Data-backed Framework Gives Private and Philanthropic Sector Leaders
Actionable Solutions to Address Systemic Economic Disparities 

New York, NY – Today, the Black Economic Alliance (BEA) Foundation, the nation’s leading organization harnessing the collective expertise and influence of Black business leaders and aligned advocates to advance work, wages, and wealth for the Black community, unveiled the Architecture for Action –– a first-of-its kind, data-backed suite of solutions designed to help leaders in the private and philanthropic sectors take meaningful actions to advance Black economic opportunity and prosperity.

The Architecture for Action presents a suite of specific, actionable interventions that companies and philanthropies can implement at scale, which will result in sustainable and impactful economic outcomes for Black communities –– and, in turn, grow the American economy.

The Architecture for Action was developed with the input of economic mobility practitioners, policy experts, and leaders across sectors and, importantly, was shaped by BEA Foundation’s research into the lived experiences of Black Americans.  The Architecture for Action complements BEA Foundation’s Policy Agenda for Black Work, Wages, and Wealth, which outlined actionable steps for policymakers to drive Black prosperity and grow the entire economy.  

“To achieve our north star of economic opportunity and prosperity across the Black community, we must reshape the systems that make up our economic infrastructure through efforts that are cross-sectoral, comprehensive, and grounded in the lived experience of Black people,” said Black Economic Alliance CEO Samantha Tweedy. “The Architecture for Action provides a holistic set of solutions for private and philanthropic sector investment and engagement to advance Black economic mobility and wealth-building – and in so doing, expand our entire American economy.” 

Envisioned as a navigational tool for leaders in the private and philanthropic sectors, the Architecture for Action points the way towards a future where financial opportunity and prosperity are within reach for all Black Americans. Drawing upon extensive research, surveying, and input from leading experts, the Architecture for Action identifies a series of solutions across the interconnected markets and systems of our economy that impact Black economic advancement, including Housing and Real-Estate, Healthcare, Education, Criminal Justice, Business & Entrepreneurial Systems, Financial System, Relationship & Interpersonal Networks, Employment & Labor Market, and Physical & Digital Infrastructure. 

These interventions are identified for their proven success in providing achievable and transformative outcomes toward improving Black work, wages, and wealth. With these solutions, we can help close the economic gaps that Black Americans face, and, in so doing, invigorate the entire American economy, potentially generating $1-1.5 trillion per year in GDP.

The BEA Foundation is grateful for the funding support that fueled the work of developing the Architecture for Action, including from Capital One Foundation and Deloitte.

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The Black Economic Alliance Foundation is the nation’s leading organization harnessing the collective expertise and influence of Black business leaders and aligned advocates to build economic prosperity and generational wealth for the Black community. We partner with leaders across the public, private, and social sectors to champion policy reimagination, develop investment and philanthropic programs, commission research, and elevate national understanding of the inextricable link between the health of the Black economy and the entire American economy. The BEA Foundation is the 501(c)(3) non-profit affiliate of the Black Economic Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of Black business leaders and allies committed to advancing work, wages, and wealth in the Black community. |